“In Rochester’s history, my parents were merely footnotes,” said author Martha Fitzgerald at Rochester Public Library. “But Dr. [William Carpenter] MacCarty and Mayo Clinic had a profound influence on their lives.”

She presented a slide show at the Author Series event co-sponsored by  Olmsted County Historical Center. Highlights were photos of Rochester–some taken by her father, Dr. Joe Holoubek, 75 years ago, others taken by the author 5 years ago on a research trip. Joe Holoubek and ALice Baker met in 1937 during Dr. MacCarty’s summer fellowship program in pathology at Mayo Clinic.

Fitzgerald’s brother, Brian Holoubek, joined her on the Minnesota trip. They retraced steps of their parents the summer they met: the magnificent Plummer Building at Mayo Clinic, St. Marys Hospital, Silver Lake park, and their boarding houses on SW 1st street, between the clinic and the hospital.

“Mayo Clinic presented a powerful example of group practice–a system that valued patients more than profit and placed equal emphasis on patient care, research and postgraduate medical education. My parents embraced those principles, incorporated them into their practice of internal medicine and cardiology, and transmitted them to future generations.