What is the author’s favorite letter in Courtship of Two Doctors? Dave McMillian posed this and many other questions in a wide-ranging Sunday morning  interview on KEEL 710 radio. Among the topics: letter writing, Fitzgerald’s career, and the heroism of working in public health in the 1930s.

“Don’t we all love a good love story?” he began …

McMillian had interviewed the author’s father, Dr. Joe Holoubek, in 2004 when his award-winning novel Letters to Luke was published. The Bible-based book is also epistolary–told in letters–and McMillian asks how one book influenced the other.

The love story in Letters to Luke, says author and daughter Fitzgerald, is based on her father’s courtship and marriage, and so the second book, The Courtship of Two Doctors, reveals how it all began. And her father was comfortable with the medium of letter writing, in large part because of his courtship, when both he and his future wife wrote each other about 400 letters in less than two years.

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