Letters to Luke

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In first century Galilee, Joseph and Elisa of Capernaum, a young couple trained in the healing arts, encounter Jesus as a mysterious healer. They become friends and followers. Joseph shares their story in letters to his friend and fellow physician, Luke of Antioch.

The young physicians accompany Joseph, the apostles, and women of Galilee on their Passover journey to Jerusalem. They bear expert witness to the redemptive sufferings of Jesus at Calvary. They return to Capernaum to carry on His work as early Christians, and there they become targets for persecution by Saul of Tarsus.

Letters to Luke offers an unforgettable medical and spiritual perspective on the ministry and death of Jesus. Winner of the Writer’s Digest Award for inspirational literature and the Independent Publisher Award for religious fiction.

Author Information

Joe E. Holoubek, a consulting cardiologist and co-founder of LSU School of Medicine-Shreveport, was one of 50 members of the Catholic Academy of Sciences USA. He and his beloved wife—affectionately known as Dr. Joe and Dr. Alice–were widely noted for their presentations on the physical sufferings of Christ at Calvary.

Dr. Joe’s published works include articles on cardiology, health care of the clergy, and medical ethics. Letters to Luke, inspired by a dream during grave illness, was his only work of fiction.

Praise for Letters

Letters to Luke was one of the most meaningful pieces of Christian literature I’ve ever read — and “read” isn’t the right word; I devoured it, slowly, savoring and studying and growing through the gifts of this extraordinary text.

James Hartman

Letters to Luke is irresistible! We who are lucky to know Dr. Holoubek reckon him a first-rate physician, fine Biblical scholar, and winsome Christian speaker. He has applied the qualities for which he’s so respected to the Christ story… this imaginative, comprehensive retelling of Jesus’ ministry is the faith-filled writing of a devoted man, and I commend it.

Donald A. Webb
President Emeritus
Centenary College

I used Dr. Holoubek’s book as my sole reference for four Sunday school lessons. He has captured our Lord’s ministry and his life in a way everyone who can color inside the lines can understand. … Between the highlighted paragraphs and margin notes I need another book for the coffee table.

Dave White DDS

An extraordinary view of the life of Christ and the Apostles… a very valued aid for all readers in the development of their faith…

Archbishop Philip M. Hannan

Spiritually enriching … Invites the reader to share in the experience of meeting Jesus as a person, growing in that relationship with him as a friend, and finally seeing, as did those closest to him, his special stature as the Son of God.

Mack McCarter
Community Renewal International

Deftly written, highly recommended.

Midwest Review of Books

Very well done … This is an ambitious and fascinating project backed by extensive research and deep understanding of the subject matter.

Judge’s panel, Writer’s Digest

A unique way to present the gospel, the life of Luke, a smattering of medical history, and a love story. It is well done, scripturally accurate, and even if you know the story, it is an attention grabber; if it’s new to you, it is a very good read.

C. Everett Koop M.D.

Remarkable… gives his readers the feeling that they are there with the young doctor in the presence of Jesus and his associates… delightful reading for a wide audience… a vivid drama with eternal dimensions.

The Rev. Scott L. Tatum

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This charming book is replete with enough medical references to interest any student of medical history. Other readers will fall under the spell of the music, automobiles, and social mores of the 1930s.

- Library Journal

Great new book of letters ... This well-done book should be on best-seller lists.

- Kirk Zebolsky
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For medical students and residents in training, this is ‘must’ reading. A lesson from those who came before that great obstacles can be overcome and all will be worth it in the end.

- Robert A. Barish M.D.
Chancellor, LSU Health Shreveport

The tenderness, the joy and the hope of these two especially against the background of widespread and potentially fatal TB at home and Hitler's marauding in Europe makes it a love story to be cherished.

- Rose Selcer

Their letters revealed many tips for communication in a marriage: Be Spirit-filled. Be attentive and sensitive. Be honest. Be loving. Be wise. And sometimes, be quiet and just listen

- Daryl Mitchell M.D.