The Courtship of Two Doctors

Martha Holoubek Fitzgerald


From a private collection of nearly 800 courtship letters, the daughter of two remarkable physicians has crafted a timeless valentine to long-lasting love and the healing profession.

The Courtship of Two Doctors recreates the medical era before antibiotics, when health workers were at risk of serious infection, and vividly illustrates the 1930s social barriers challenging two-career marriages. Available in hardcover and paperback.

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Letters to Luke

Joe E. Holoubek M.D.


Author Joe E. Holoubek M.D. delivers the Gospel of St. Luke in a simple love story richly layered with medical context, cultural history, and biblical references. It presents the ministry and death of Jesus through the eyes of a first century physician. Joseph of Capernaum writes his friend Luke, recounting how he became a follower of the Nazarene named Jesus.

This book-length parable will find a ready audience among those full of wonder and questions, those open to the power of faith, those eager to embark on their own spiritual journey. Available in hardcover, linen cover, and paperback.

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