Bible-based novel soon to be in paperback

“Letters to Luke” – Dr. Joe E. Holoubek’s epic re-telling of the gospels in letter form – places readers with Jesus right on the streets of Galilee.

A love story, historical novel and book-length parable, “Letters to Luke will be featured in the March issue of Writer’s Digest. It’s a first-place winner of the Writer’s Digest International awards, inspirational genre. The 13th annual awards competition drew more than 1,800 entries.

”Letters to Luke” was inspired by the love story of the author and his wife, the late Dr. Alice Baker Holoubek. Known fondly as Dr. Joe and Dr. Alice, the two were widely respected for their care of patients and for their role in founding LSU School of Medicine-Shreveport. Throughout the years, their love for each other grew, as did their love for God. That story is retold in “Luke” in the characters of Joseph and Elisa, a young couple who discover greater meaning in their lives and greater respect for each other’s gifts.

Joseph and Elisa encounter Jesus as a mysterious healer. They become friends and followers. They bear witness—as only trained physicians could—to His redemptive sufferings on the cross, and they return to Capernaum to carry on His work as early Christians. Joseph shares their story in letters to his friend and fellow physician, Luke of Antioch.