1. The Courtship of Two Doctors relates the true-life love story behind your father’s award-winning novel Letters to Luke, which you also edited and published. Tell us a little about Courtship and why you wanted to share your parents’ letters with the world.

2. Eight hundred letters is a lot to go through! How’d you put it all together in book form?

3. Your parents’ letters illustrate the development of long-lasting love. Can you give us a few marriage pointers you learned from them?

4. What do you think your parents would say about this book?

5. This is not only a love story, it’s a medical history. Why was the late 1930s so important for the health-care industry, especially for New Orleans?

6. What’s something only you know about your parents that isn’t in the book?

7. What do you hope people get out of reading Courtship?

8. For those who haven’t read your father’s book Letters to Luke, can you tell us what it’s about?

9. Where can interested readers find your books?


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