“In this fast-paced modern world of e-mails and texts, what a delight it is to savor this book of letters written between two physicians in training. Joe Holoubek and Alice Baker shared their observations, knowledge, and personal journeys as they fell in love with each other and the practice of medicine.… Seldom do we get such a glimpse into a real-life love story and learn about history at the same time.”

Novelist Judy Christie, author of the Green series

“The letters reveal many tips for communication in a marriage: Be spirit-filled. Be attentive and sensitive. Be honest. Be loving. Be wise. And sometimes, be quiet and just listen.”

Daryl Mitchell, M.D.

“For medical students and residents in training, this is ‘must’ reading. A lesson from those who came before that great obstacles can be overcome and all will be worth it in the end.”

Robert A. Barish, M.D., chancellor, LSU Health Shreveport

“Martha Fitzgerald has an eye for the salient detail that will engage the reader. She never loses sight
of the fact that each story, each project, must have a personal connection to the audience
and must be told in such a way that expresses why they should care about it.”

David Westerfield, director of communications, Community Renewal International


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