Writer Sue Ellis of Washington State notes the slow kindling of the Joe & Alice love story. They met as medical students, she recounts in a review published in the literary journal Prick of the Spindle (Spring 2013 issue, Vol. 7.1).  “After a few dances and several professionally stimulating conversations, they parted—friends. Alice went back to New Orleans, Joe to Omaha. The romance didn’t spark until Joe sent the first letter, a friendly missive that mentioned his mother’s kolache recipe.”

The Courtship of Two Doctors, Ellis writes, recreates communication in its most romantic form and provides a wealth of verifiable, historical footnotes from the 1930s. As interns, the doctors worked in wards “that were more perilous places than they are today. An accidental needle stick or cut could bring on a life-threatening infection, and tuberculosis was easily transmittable. … Joe and Alice both suffered health setbacks during their training, and from a medical standpoint, it’s fascinating to learn how their maladies were treated, and to admire how they soldiered on.”

Prick of the Spindle, founded in 2007, was the first literary journal to be available as a Kindle magazine. Issue 4 of the print version will be released in late April.