“With these letters in the late 1930’s, these two young people — one of them a small-town man in Omaha — wrote themselves into a lasting marriage.”

Our thanks to Kirk Zebolsky, Omaha Literature columnist and reviewer for the online news site examiner.com, for his admiring review, “Couple’s letters from the 1930’s tell of love, medicine; daughter signing books” (October 15)

“… the letters have details such as the physician-to-be “Dr. Joe” working in Omaha at University Hospital and on house calls. The University then allowed its med students extensive in-the-field service experience, while Dr. Joe’s wife-to-be in New Orleans was more confined to campus until her junior and senior years.

“Both were effective writers in that time when people often hand-wrote letters. This well-done book should be on best-seller lists.

“Ms. Fitzgerald’s preface, much shorter than her father’s prologue, is especially well written.”

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