A Kansas woman wrote the author:

Dear Martha, I just finished the book and I admit several times I had to remove my glasses and wipe my eyes. What a beautiful story of two accomplished and loving people.

It moved me also because I could relate in so many ways. My husband and I are about 15 years behind your parents but the songs, the bands, the radio programs, the movies are all familiar. My husband was a doctor too and served his [internal medicine] residency at the Mayo Clinic in the 1950’s. The names and places were all familiar: the Plummer Building, St. Mary’s Hospital, the Kahler Hotel etc. We lived right across from Silver Lake and I took my children there for sledding in the winter and feeding the ducks in the summer.

During our courtship [my husband and I] lived in the same town so I don’t have so many letters but the ones I do have I took out and re-read them. My husband died just one year ago. Thank you for the charming memoir…so moving.

And in a second email:

I thought the story was as romantic a love story as I’ve ever read about.  Hollywood should take notice.  Your parents exemplified what romance really is.  Your book was also educational as for the medical system as it was at the time and also the entertainment young people enjoyed then.  Am I just old or was all of that so much better then?

I did wish there had been more pictures in the book.  I would have liked to have seen the parents, the friends, Dennis, the homes etc.

She’ll be happy to learn that the author has discovered some old photos, mostly from 1938, and posted them at the “fan page.” https://www.facebook.com/littledovepress. You’ll even find a photo of baby John Charles, the Bakers’ neighbor in Alexandria!