IMG_5834When we first met with Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities folks to discuss running excerpts from Courtship of Two Doctors in their award-winning magazine, Louisiana Cultural Vistas, the director made a confession. He had just finished reading the prologue and first few letters. “I cried,” he said, “and I never cry!” Those are great words for any writer to hear, knowing that you touched someone’s heart.

The book excerpts are in the Winter 2015 issue, a five-page spread that grounds Courtship in the historical context of 1930s New Orleans and the birth of “Big Charity” Hospital. It was under construction during Dr. Alice Baker’s training, and caused scandalous conditions of overcrowding. The grand new building, dubbed Charity the Beautiful, opened the same month Alice and Joe married, and there they began their three-year fellowship in the Department of Medicine under Dr. Edgar Hull.

Oh, and the excerpts run in the magazine’s 100th issue. Happy centennial, Cultural Vistas! We had to decline the big party, but you can learn more here.