CTV chatting-smallerWhat did you learn about your parents as young people, asked Father Robert Reed and Jay Fadden, co-hosts of “This is the Day” on Catholic TV Network. Their six-minute interview with author Martha Holoubek Fitzgerald focused on the marriage theme of “The Courtship of Two Doctors” and a daughter’s rare opportunity to know her parents as a young man and woman before they were even a couple.

CTV Father Reed-smaller“I enjoyed recognizing my father’s gentle wit and prankster heart,” Fitzgerald said, “and my mother’s surprising ease and self-confidence operating in a man’s world. … She did not take offense easily at slights against women.

“More importantly, she saw past my father’s insecurities and recognized the man he would become. In her second letter, she wrote: ‘I’ve never before met anyone with such truly fine and clean ideas and thoughts and ambitions before, and what’s more, I know you are going to live up to them.'”

 The interview was at the Watertown, Massachusetts, studio three days before the Boston Marathon bombing and one week before one of the suspects fled to Watertown. Authorities shut down the greater Boston area for the manhunt.

Click here to view the interview. The episode is called “Marriage Moment.”