Dr. Stastny and women mentors …

Dr. Stastny and women mentors … Tom Weber’s third blog post about “Courtship” (October 31, 2014) offers a photo of Dr. Olga Sadilek Stastny, the pioneering Nebraska physician who helped change young Dr. Joe’s ideas about women in medicine. In New Orleans, Dr. Alice and her Read More →

History blogger intrigued by Joe and Alice

New blogger Tom Weber writes about the history of medical education. Recently he wrote two posts about “The Courtship of Two Doctors” and what the reader learns about 1930s training through the eyes of Joe Holoubek and Alice Baker. In Read More →

When E-mail & Instagram just won’t do …

We love hearing from our readers. Here’s one who made the effort to send five-star reviews to both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. That’s a double bonus! She makes a good point about the inadequacy of electronic communications …Thank you, Read More →

A shoutout to medical archivists

I have a particular fondness for medical librarians and archivists, for the good care they are taking of Holoubek artifacts in Shreveport and for their immense help in early stages of research for The Courtship of Two Doctors. (Special mention Read More →

Hooray for Indies!

Hooray for Indies! In  an “indie” competition dubbed the Sundance of the publishing world, “The Courtship of Two Doctors” by Martha Holoubek Fitzgerald has been named a silver finalist  in the autobiography/biography category. The Next Generation Indie Book Awards have been honoring top Read More →

‘It was Just a Fascination’

“Heartwarming and inspirational, the book gives an insight to readers about how individuals coped with lack of money and the scarcity of luxuries during the fading days of the Great Depression.” The June wedding issue of City Social Magazine in Read More →

Courtship of Two Doctors

This charming book is replete with enough medical references to interest any student of medical history. Other readers will fall under the spell of the music, automobiles, and social mores of the 1930s.

- Library Journal

Great new book of letters ... This well-done book should be on best-seller lists.

- Kirk Zebolsky

For medical students and residents in training, this is ‘must’ reading. A lesson from those who came before that great obstacles can be overcome and all will be worth it in the end.

- Robert A. Barish M.D.
Chancellor, LSU Health Shreveport

The tenderness, the joy and the hope of these two especially against the background of widespread and potentially fatal TB at home and Hitler's marauding in Europe makes it a love story to be cherished.

- Rose Selcer

Their letters revealed many tips for communication in a marriage: Be Spirit-filled. Be attentive and sensitive. Be honest. Be loving. Be wise. And sometimes, be quiet and just listen

- Daryl Mitchell M.D.