Library Journal links Courtship to Julia Child letters

Library Journal draws a comparison with a book of Julia Child’s letters in a review of “The Courtship of Two Doctors” (October 15 issue, Health & Medicine): “As biographer Joan Reardon (As Always, Julia: The Letters of Julia Child and Read More →

Baton Rouge Catholic radio: “Read this book”

In a 20-minute “Wake Up Baton Rouge” interview on WPYR 1380 Catholic Radio, co-host David Dawson picks up on the marriage aspects of “The Courtship of Two Doctors.” He and his wife do marriage preparation, Dawson said, and he could Read More →

Southern Writers essay: ‘Sensing the story within’

A certain instinct drives artists and craftsmen of all types, including writers of nonfiction, author and editor Martha Fitzgerald told Southern Writers Magazine (November/December issue).”Journalists and historians, when faced with reams of facts and stacks of documents, look for the Read More →

Radio KEEL: ‘Don’t we all love a good love story?’

What is the author’s favorite letter in Courtship of Two Doctors? Dave McMillian posed this and many other questions in a wide-ranging Sunday morning  interview on KEEL 710 radio. Among the topics: letter writing, Fitzgerald’s career, and the heroism of Read More →

‘Great book of letters … should be on best-seller lists’

“With these letters in the late 1930’s, these two young people — one of them a small-town man in Omaha — wrote themselves into a lasting marriage.” Our thanks to Kirk Zebolsky, Omaha Literature columnist and reviewer for the online Read More →

Omaha Public Radio: ‘Doctors’ letters document love, medicine’

Robyn Wisch of Omaha Public Radio KVNO focused on the perils of internships in the 1930s and the differences in medical training across states in her October 15th interview with the author. “Fitzgerald said both her parents were training at Read More →

Courtship of Two Doctors

This charming book is replete with enough medical references to interest any student of medical history. Other readers will fall under the spell of the music, automobiles, and social mores of the 1930s.

- Library Journal

Great new book of letters ... This well-done book should be on best-seller lists.

- Kirk Zebolsky

For medical students and residents in training, this is ‘must’ reading. A lesson from those who came before that great obstacles can be overcome and all will be worth it in the end.

- Robert A. Barish M.D.
Chancellor, LSU Health Shreveport

The tenderness, the joy and the hope of these two especially against the background of widespread and potentially fatal TB at home and Hitler's marauding in Europe makes it a love story to be cherished.

- Rose Selcer

Their letters revealed many tips for communication in a marriage: Be Spirit-filled. Be attentive and sensitive. Be honest. Be loving. Be wise. And sometimes, be quiet and just listen

- Daryl Mitchell M.D.