Fan letter: “a charming memoir”

A Kansas woman wrote the author: Dear Martha, I just finished the book and I admit several times I had to remove my glasses and wipe my eyes. What a beautiful story of two accomplished and loving people. It moved Read More →

Literary journal: 1937 letter sparks a romance

Writer Sue Ellis of Washington State notes the slow kindling of the Joe & Alice love story. They met as medical students, she recounts in a review published in the literary journal Prick of the Spindle (Spring 2013 issue, Vol. Read More →

BR Advocate on “Doctors’ long marriage”

Mark Hunter’s extensive feature story on author Martha Fitzgerald graced the cover of the Features Section on February 9. This religion feature focused on the faith journey of her parents, which began during their long-distance courtship, and how the experience Read More →

Bossier Press: ‘Their fancy turned to respect, love’

Bossier Press-Tribune (January 23) highlights the timeless valentine theme of “Courtship of Two Doctors.” The author will sign books at Books-A-Million in Bossier City Feb. 3 from 2 to 4 p.m. “Before the era of emails and texts, Fitzgerald’s medical Read More →

Now available on Kindle, Nook … and Kobo

Add Kobo to the list of digital readers carrying “Courtship of Two Doctors.” We’re pleased to see this product in our favorite independent bookstores, including Octavia Books in New Orleans (host of an author event Nov. 12). Kobo is a Read More →

Louisiana Book News: poetry, “Courtship,” and more

Fitzgerald’s Nov. 12 introduction to New Orleans booklovers (Octavia Books) was previewed in Louisiana Book News, a column and blog by Chere Dastague Coen that runs in several state newspapers. Also featured: Clare L. Martin of Lafayette, who writes “about Read More →

Courtship of Two Doctors

This charming book is replete with enough medical references to interest any student of medical history. Other readers will fall under the spell of the music, automobiles, and social mores of the 1930s.

- Library Journal

Great new book of letters ... This well-done book should be on best-seller lists.

- Kirk Zebolsky

For medical students and residents in training, this is ‘must’ reading. A lesson from those who came before that great obstacles can be overcome and all will be worth it in the end.

- Robert A. Barish M.D.
Chancellor, LSU Health Shreveport

The tenderness, the joy and the hope of these two especially against the background of widespread and potentially fatal TB at home and Hitler's marauding in Europe makes it a love story to be cherished.

- Rose Selcer

Their letters revealed many tips for communication in a marriage: Be Spirit-filled. Be attentive and sensitive. Be honest. Be loving. Be wise. And sometimes, be quiet and just listen

- Daryl Mitchell M.D.