Mark Hunter’s extensive feature story on author Martha Fitzgerald graced the cover of the Features Section on February 9. This religion feature focused on the faith journey of her parents, which began during their long-distance courtship, and how the experience of working with her father on this book and “Letters to Luke” renewed her faith.

“My mother wrote a letter to my father about a beautiful sermon she had just heard about I Corinthians 13, the beautiful passage that describes how love endures and love never fails …

“Her pastor had used the new translation that used ‘love’ instead of ‘charity,” Fitzgerald said, speaking recently from her home near Shreveport. “She also said she was going to resume a practice of hers to read verses from the Bible every night and my father followed her lead. I’m sure that was his first venture into Bible study.”

They both read I Corinthians 13, “until they nearly knew it by heart.”

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