Shreveport readers love having a local book columnist–long missing from the daily Shreveport Times. Better yet, it’s written by novelist and former newspaper editor Judy Christie, a lifetime lover of the written word who has come to know the book business from the inside out. She scored several successes with her own fiction and nonfiction and, now, like others, is exploring indie publishing.

Christie gives a tip of the hat to “Courtship of Two Doctors” in her latest weekly column, noting the statewide attention generated by a feature story in Louisiana Cultural Vistas, quarterly magazine of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities (see previous post “‘Courtship’ moved him to tears”).  The winter issue offers excerpts from the long-distance correspondence of physicians-in training Alice Baker of New Orleans and Joe Holoubek of Omaha. “The story gives a tender glimpse, mostly through letters, of their courtship,” Christie writes. “It also tells a lot of medical history, including a 1930s perspective on the Charity  Hospital system.” Read the entire column here.

Christie is working on the sequel to our personal favorite, Wreath: A Girl, recently released through CreateSpace.