Health reporter Jeff Hansel of Rochester, Minnesota, previews “Courtship of Two Doctors” and the author’s upcoming appearances in a Sept. 10 article in the Post-Bulletin titled “Daughter writes about parents’ romantic lives.”

He asked Fitzgerald about the book’s historical value and the emphasis on clinical training in Omaha, where Dr. Joe was attending medical school.

“[I]t truly is a treasure of primary-source material for historians of Louisiana, Nebraska and Minnesota,” Fitzgerald said. “For historians of popular culture, there’s so much about the songs, the movies, football games. It’s all there.”

Fitzgerald’s father went on outcalls (basically house calls) alone and visited an orphanage several days each week, tending to colds, runny noses and even broken bones.

“I’m amazed reading this and thinking, ‘He was not even an M.D. yet.'”

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