“Rose” shares her enthusaiastic review of Courtship on Barnes & Noble and Goodreads:

The title, The Courtship of Two Doctors -A 1930s Love Story of Letters, Hope & Healing by Martha Holoubek Fitzgerald, says it all. This is the story of the 2 year courtship of two young medical students who fell in love via mail – that’s right, snail mail!

The tenderness, the joy and the hope of these two especially against the background of widespread and potentially fatal TB at home and Hitler’s marauding in Europe makes it a love story to be cherished.

Martha Holoubek Fitzgerald, daughter of the two doctors, has done a brilliant job of selecting and editing her parents’ letters. The story moves along without dragging or skipping (and a letter a day each would create a lot of potential for dragging!). Well done!