GoodReads reviewer Mary loved the 1930s setting of “Courtship” and found herself caught up in the emotions of Alice and Joe. This true love story, she writes, could rival any work of fiction.

“My heart ached for them as they professed their desire to be together again, to dance to their favorite tunes, to be able to just look into each other’s eyes. When their brief and long-awaited visits approached, I felt the excitement and anticipation and couldn’t wait until they could be together. Then when the letters started up again because they were apart once more, I could feel the yearning for them to be together again, and experienced the frustration that it would once again be months before they could be together. …

“I honestly felt like I was in the middle of a movie starring someone like Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. The language of the letters is ala ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and that just makes it that much more endearing. This was back when not only did people still write letters, but they wrote them in a delightful, pure, positive way and it is a breath of fresh air.”

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